Republyk Fryslân



The frisian history is seen as an important heritage on which this reborn Fryslân is build again. Although every frisian has his or her freedom, there is the obligation to know the frisian history. In this way the habitants know their roots, with which they can familiarize themselfs. Next to that they learn from the mistakes the old Magna Frisia has made in keeping land and a certain dignity. The already existing archives about Fryslân are expanded with knowledge and visual forms.


Fryslân is officially considered a free country, every person can decide for him or herself how to educate their children. Education can given by every citizen to every citizen who wants to learn about that certain topic. Parents decide which topics their children learn. In this way the frisian language is also preserved. Every citizen can give their opinion on future changes, and can speak to the republic about their plans. The crowd can vote by responding to the speech. This all happens online.