Republyk Fryslân



After the official independence of the Republic of Fryslân the borders around the new country are set. The perimeters stretch from the dutch province Zeeland to Jönköpingslön in Sweden. These borders are being placed physically because of the negative (re)actions of the habitants of the surrounding countries. Many frisian habitants help building the borders, like they helped each other clearing the rivers during the winter in preparation of the Elfstedentocht.


After all the fences are successfully placed, the frisians cheer in sometimes an evoking way towards the adjacent countries. Little riots occur occassionally and the fences are a radical way to prevent it of happening in the young republic. The tranquility that it was suppose to create, is disturbed by this events. Nevertheless nothing dreadful happens at that time.


The placed fences are being guarded by the new people of Fryslân. Although Fryslân is a republic on paper, it is a hyperdemocracy with rules that are based on agreement of the great majority of the citizens. The habitants also take actions themselfs, they help to guard the borders and protecting their earned country. They use their frisian pride, the frisian horse as a symbol to ride on and defend the lines.