Republyk Fryslân


Geheime transportatie

As a reaction on the digital movement and the spoken words about it, frisian people secretly start moving important resources into the original borders of Magna Frisia. In case a big revolution takes place, the resources and apparature are available if necessary. This happens through transportation by trucks, but also mini-vans and normal cars. Because it is inside the borders of the Netherlands, nothing illegal is going on except for some bigger organised transportation.

Activisme en politiek

In the politics the hunger for independence also becomes bigger, frisian activist parties join provincial and national elections and gain power. They even gain multiple seats in the dutch senate. The FNP, once an activist party but cooled down by the pressure of the European Parlement, has started to live up again and is joining the online movement.


People are starting to protest, mainly in the province Fryslân. Also in Denmark and Germany are some demonstrations that don’t escalate, but the tempers of the activists in Fryslân run high and some arrests are made. In a few towns are lit some fires that cause some damages to the dutch government her property.