Lack of value
Why does a real art piece have a big price tag, whilst the buyer creates the value to it because of his or her fascination for it? Shouldn't art be available for everybody? The project IKEA-ART gives the customer the opportunity to create their own art by using the best sold tables in the world; the Lack table from Ikea. It's easy as one-two-three. Buy one, two or three tables at Ikea, follow the instructions that you can download on this site, and build your own unique art piece.

This DIY-project about 'cheap art' is created by Jurrit van der Ploeg, who is currently a third year student at the ArtEZ Art Academy.

For building your own affordable table you′ll need a maximum of three Lack-tables. These are for sale starting at €4,95 going up to €7,95 (depends on color and vernish). This table is one of the best sold pieces of furniture at Ikea, because of its low price and simple visual execution. For building IKEA-ART 03, which you can download on the right, the total costs are only €14,85. For that price you can′t buy a real Sol LeWitt for example, but it will look like one. You won′t need expensive tools or a special workshop to build your own IKEA-ART, you will only need a (hand) drill and wood glue. Next to that a ruler and a pencil will come in handy for measuring where the table legs have to be placed. Last but not least you only need the instructions for building your own piece of art. These are only guides, but using your own creativity is always a good thing.

Instruction PDFs

Click here to see some examples from already created 'IKEA-ART'.