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That kid around the corner that is actually above average because he is always showing how graphic design and research can be fresh instead of all those other kids on the block that look so similar in their ways of trying to look exceptional and unique.


BA Graphic Design, Academie Minerva Groningen

BA Graphic Design, ArtEZ Arnhem
—Minor Typography

Internship Hoick Studios, Cape Town (South Africa)


Book design
Web design
3D design
Grid-based design


If I Remember Correctly...


If I Remember Correctly... (2017)

installation/movie, 120x120x160cm, projection on polycarbonate

Graduation project as part of the GDA Graduation Show 2017, ArtEZ Arnhem.

I used a negative personal experience to analyze over and over — looking and thinking back for every detail of this exact experience. The scenes show these memories, every time with different details popping up or dissappearing. It is what was going through my mind when I was thinking about this moment. Recreating this worked as a form of self-therapy. The viewer will also have his/her own experience of the scenes, but it will never be the same.

The final installation is a black confined box which you can enter in order to view the looped scene sequence. The box is pitch dark so all the attention goes to the movie, where at the same time the sound behind you force you into the experience.

Club Jambanja


Club Jambanja (2017)

foldable poster bundle, 490x720mm (folded: 245x360mm), 14 posters

Information will follow after the official release.

Perception of the Geometric Urban Environment


Perception of the Geometric Urban Environment,
and the Influence of the Artist (2017)

book, 162x116mm, 600gr paper, 56 pages

This thesis was written as part of my graduation at ArtEZ Arnhem. It explores the urban environment through geometric elements and how these forms of geometry influence the perception of lived experience. I looked at several contemporary artworks together with the thories and writing of Le Corbusier to understand how the city has been imagined in a more utopian, livable, and structured way.

The design is resembling the shape of a small concrete block. The small size of the book is contrasting the vastness of the urban environment, where at the same time the weight, look and feel of the book are referencing to the béton brut of Le Corbusier and the like.

Art is the Motherf∗∗∗∗∗ of Resistance


Art is the Motherf∗∗∗∗∗ of Resistance (2016)

banner, inkjet on mesh vinyl, 1185x2500cm

On the occassion of Giro d′Italia 2016, which started in Arnhem that year, ArtEZ University of the Arts chose my design for a banner on the roof of the academy. The banner had a size of 11.85 by 25 meters, and was broadcasted when the cyclists passed the building on the 6th and 7th of May 2016. I played with the pixelation that occurs when Google Maps registers the landscape, but also with the readability of words which happens in the controversial usage of mother/motherfucker on this banner.

Cosmos, supercommunity.e-flux


Cosmos, supercommunity.e-flux (2016)

poster, 400x590mm, thermochromatic silkscreen/website/installation

This identity was created for Supercommunity, articles published by e-flux. The core of the design was the sun, about which is talked in the articles as the influence on human behaviour. The combination of the shadow and the sun resulted in hard-to-read articles, you have to perform an action to be able to read the text.

Click here for the shadowed article.
Click here for the bright article.

Trophy Hunter


Trophy Hunter (2016)

posters, 300x420mm, vinyl/paper

The game industry keeps growing. Games are getting more challenging, so they keep triggering it's players. There are a lot of ways to keep the gamer his attention that are integrated in games. An example of this is the ‘Achievement’, which challenges the player to perform certain actions or complete certain aspects of a game. As a reward, they get a digital form of a trophy, sticker, medal, etc. With this poster-series I want to trigger similar actions in real-life. The design of the posters are representing a form of a trophy, to evoke the human drive of completing a challenging assignment. The titles and sentences on the poster refer to the use of word jokes in these digital achievements to trigger the gamer even more. The end-result is a serie of 12 posters, of which one poster got removed shortly after hanging in a cafetaria.

Deductive Logic


Deductive Logic (2016)

book, 152x220mm, 180 pages

Deductive Logic, a book by St. George Stock in 1888. I wanted to revise this complex written book into a clear, typographical book which shows the delicate build-up of certain situations that are based on the laws of logic.

Schouw, ArtEZ


Schouw, ArtEZ Third Year Exhibition

poster, 297x420mm, risoprint

For the ArtEZ exhibition of the third year Graphic Design students in 2016 — Schouw — I designed the poster that was spread across Arnhem.

Greece is the Word, Documenta 14


Greece Is The Word (2016)

website/social media

With everything that is going on in the world (think of economy, religion, politics) it is hard to keep up wth the news. But still the news is telling our future history. This history is, with the rise of different media, captured in many ways. Think of the logical media like newspapers and social media, but also posters and advertisements.

The layering of news on news on news is a metaphor that can be reflected on all this media through text, image, sound or memory. Think of the posters that are hung everywhere in the city, the one is glued over the other until a new event comes up and claims the place in form of a poster on top of that poster. This also happens in social media, the timelines of all platforms are constantly updated and overwritten with new content. This meta-metaphor is the base for the website. The making of a social media website consisting of all the news that is happening in the world on that moment.

From this concept came the name ‘Greece is the Word’ which can be reflected on al the written information that you get through all media. It derives from the introducing song for the musical Grease, an excerpt:
‘Grease is the word, is the word, is the word, is the word.’
In our context this ends up as:
‘Greece is the word, is the word, is the word, is the word.’

(Keep in mind that social media is always changing, because of this some links might not work anymore (i.e. Vine, Blab)

Click here to visit the website.

Mixed Emoti(c)ons


Mixed Emoti(c)ons (2015)

poster, inkjet on paper, 150x100 cm

Language is a medium, created to express our thoughts and communicate them with others. Although it helps to say what you think and understand what others want to express, you can′t express everything you feel or think. Since the invention of emoticons there is a way to give a second layer to written language, it can change the whole meaning of a sentence. But also the given ‘emoji’ are limited and don′t always say what you feel. With this project I created a wide range of feelings by combining all the features of the existing ‘human-like emoji’. This resulted in a 150 by 100 centimeter poster with 1350 unique emoticons which all express something different; mixed emotions.

Ikea Art


Ikea Art (2015)

website/downloadable instruction pdf's/framed photos, 400x300cm

Why does a real art piece have a big price tag, whilst the buyer creates the value to it because of his or her fascination for it? Shouldn't art be available for everybody? The project IKEA-ART gives the customer the opportunity to create their own art by using the best sold tables in the world; the Lack table from Ikea. It's easy as one-two-three. Buy one, two or three tables at Ikea, follow the instructions that you can download on the website, and build your own unique art piece.

Click here to visit the website.

How To Cape In Shape


How To Cape In Shape (2016)

book, 130x195mm, 64 pages

‘How To Cape In Shape’ is the internship report of the three months I joined Hoick Studios in Cape Town, South Africa. During my stay I had to switch almost constantly between multiple languages (Afrikaans, English, Dutch, Frisian). The report consists of these different languages, layered over eachother. By moving a lined sheet over the text, it can be read. The cover is made of venicular plastic, and two images that are intertwined. By moving the book, the image on the cover changes.

Republyk Fryslân


Republyk Fryslân (2015)

website/video-compilation, speculative design

Friesland, the most northern province of the Netherlands, is often seen by the Dutch people as an underdeveloped province with their own, weird language. There are a lot of discussions in- and outside the province, which can cause for the occassional tension. With this website I am responding to this topic by speculating about a possible independent Friesland.
Before becoming a part of the Netherlands, Friesland reached from the most southern part of The Netherlands all up to Sweden. The first step to independence is gathering citizens that live in the old regions of Friesland by letting them register online as citizen of Friesland. The virtual, new Friesland motivates the real-life Friesland to rise up against the Dutch reign.

The website is divided in different sections of time, in which you can read about the developments that were happening before, during and after the fictional independence. These texts are supported by online gathered material that are compilated in a way so it dramatizes this deeply rooted but overshadowed topic.

Click here to visit the website.

Coding Notation


Coding Notation (2015)

poster/movie, inkjet on paper, 30x42cm

The first digital song ever made was a creation of Lejaren Hiller. Using algorithms processed by huge computers he created a classical composition. Nowadays digital music is created with soft- and hardware that are mainly also built up with code. But what if you bring music making back to coding at its essence? With ‘Coding Notation’ you can make music while typing. It starts with a basic monotone sound. When you start typing basic words, that connect to music, like ‘louder’ or ‘down’ the sound will be altered. It is a combination of a font in which words will be changed into symbols and the sound that comes out of it. Every time you type a term, the sound will change. Every altered sound will be unique.

Magnetic Type Tool


Magnetic Type Tool (2015)


An interactive type tool that lets you create unique letters by using the combination of magnets, graphite and sjablones. When you follow the shapes of the sjablones with a magnet on one side of the sheet filled with graphite, the result will be visible on the other side. The magnet will attract the graphite on the front, which causes that it will dissappear on the back.

Phonetics In Dialect


Phonetics In Dialect (2015)

booklet, 8 pages, inkjet on paper, 200x280mm

Globalization, caused by for instance the internet, is on of the reasons why dialects are more and more disappearing. I researched this problem in the Netherlands, and found out that there was no national, public archive of the Dutch dialects. By using the paradoxal research through internet, I tried to find databases or texts that contain information about Dutch dialects. Based on this information I made an archive that contains words and sayings retrieved from different dialects. The words are based on the basic words that every dutch kid learns first in school about the dutch language. All the words are also written in phonetics, so that not only the written form but also the spoken form is preserved.

Environment Settings


Environment Settings (2016)


In collaboration with Wietske Flederus.
Using Second Life as platform, we 3D printed a digital scenery as an analog world. Building a digital life, as an escape from or translation of reality can separate you from real life. Where analog life is built on standards and norms, the digital life is built on personal interest and fascination in combination with the game its features. Once being sucked into this realm of new possibilities, you forget what is real or realistic. By showing this difference in worlds, the 3D printed piece is showing the glitch that is revealed when the two worlds are combined.

Burned But Remembered


Burned But Remembered (2014)

poster, inkjet on paper, 40x200cm

This poster is a representation of the movie Fahrenheit 451 (1966) through the shown books in this movie. These moving pictures are based on the eponymous book by Ray Bradbury. The main story is about a future in which books are banned because the higher powers don′t want any hostile dwellers. The people are brainwashed by elements such as television and pills. The lead role is caught by books, and starts to fight against this indoctrination. Whilst books are the most important medium in this film, I documented all shown books from the movie. From every book I chose a quote that is in line with the film. With these quotes the poster is created. The quotes are in order of when the books are shown in the movie. The space in between shows when there are no books shown in the movie. This new narrative creates an interpretation on the film and book, but the interpretation of the viewer will also be different every time.

Op-Art, See It


Op-Art, See It (2014)

poster/movie, inkjet on paper, 30x42cm

Op-Art is an art movement that was popular in the sixties. With this project I wanted to use the modern tools that allow you to make perfect geometric forms and went to see how I could combine it with optical illusions. The results are a poster which contains two layers. In the first layer are the combinations of different hexagons with set anchorpoints and different combinations of lines between those anchorpoints. The connected hexagons will always fit together and because of this fact it creates an optical illusion. The second layer contains text which has been cutout with the first layer, but the cutout is shifted slightly. This results in difficulty of reading the text. When you are close to the poster, it will be hard to read are isn′t even seen by the viewer. When further away the text will be readable because the lines will be more condense, the white space is subjected to the black. The movie has the same elements, but the third layer is the movement of the combined hexagons. The size in which the video is viewed, will also change the perception.